Studio 506 presents

a staged reading

You On The Moors Now

Text by Jaclyn Backhaus

Direction by Kaitlyn Crockett

March 10, 2017


This hilarious show plucks four classic heroines from their 19th-century novels and into the MOORS. When Jo March, Lizzie Bennet, Jane Eyre, and Cathy all receive marriage proposals from the men in their lives, they decide to band together instead and escape. The men wage war on the women, beginning the MOORS WARS.
This staged reading took place on March 10, 2017 during the Lowell Women's Week event at Humanity Boutique on Merrimack Street of Lowell. Bringing feminism + girl power to classic romance novels, all while supporting a woman-owned local business made for a spectacular night.
featuring Toby Atannon, Charlette Augusta, Christa Brown, Justin Linscott, Cameron Merullo, Miek Perez, Ryan Perry, Victoria Tham


Stage Directions                                     Kelly Maglio

Production Photography                          Kaitlyn Crockett

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