Studio 506 presents

The Mosaic Project

Devised by the Studio ensemble

Direction by Kaitlyn Crockett

September 4-6, 2015


Each person you pass by in your day has a story to tell. Their life is just like your own: vivid and complex, filled with high stakes and heartbreaks. It is a life that you would never know about... until now. Seven people have the chance to tell you their story. Won't you listen?


A collection of original short plays: "Lost at Sea", "Bus Ride", "The Gimmick", "Open Mic", "Dragon Lady", "Drums", "BigBabyBeautiful"

This production took place from September 4-6, 2015 with three performances at UnchARTed Studios in downtown Lowell. Bringing a new artist community + original short plays to Lowell, while supporting UnchARTed as they opened up their new location in the downtown area made for a wonderful experience.
featuring Joy Derov, Cookie Dibiase, Jessica Dyment, Leo Jordan, Justin Linscott, Byron McNeal, Miek Perez, Brittany Phillips, Mikey Sam, Michael Sobrado, Victoria Tham, Matt Vacherweill


Choreography                                          Charlette Augusta 

Assistant Direction                                    Kelly Maglio

Stage Management                                  Molly Flood

Assistant Stage Management                     Tangiene Nyereyegona

Production Photography                           Kaitlyn Crockett, Charlette Augusta

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