March 19, 2019


What are your pronouns? What’s your astrological sign?

She / Her / Hers and I'm a Capricorn.


How long have you been acting / involved in theater?

I have always had a secret passion for acting while growing up, but was too scared to even try out for school plays. Two years ago, I finally decided to make some big changes in my life and moved to the U.S. from Brazil to pursue my dreams. In 2017, I auditioned for a play called The Skin Of Our Teeth and I haven't stopped acting ever since. You can say I have truly found what I was meant to be doing.


Which characters do you play in REVOLT?

REVOLT. is composed of a series of vignettes and in those I portray a few different characters. They are women who are very strong-minded, empowered, and broken at the same time. It is an honor to be able to step on their shoes and bring their stories to life.


What’s your favorite part about REVOLT?

My favorite part about REVOLT. is that it's a play for everyone. Obviously, there is a clear topic about women empowerment, but the play brings to light subjects such as toxic masculinity, domestic abuse, rape, gender violence, power dynamics in the workplace, sexual politics, and societal expectations as well. All of us are shaped and confined to meet society's expectations and this play urges you to pay attention to these matters.


Any burning questions you have about the play? Underlying theories you have about it?

Whenever we do character work, have discussions about the play, and the more I read the script, I find myself in awe. Alice Birch's piece has its own beating heart and soul. It's a pleasure to discover new things everyday that make us question society's norms and our own judgement.


What was your most favorite role you’ve ever played?

My most favorite role I have played so far was the role of the Woman in FRUITS & NUTS. It's an incredible short play that talks about toxic relationships and how sometimes you can see yourself in one, but you can't get out. It's a very poignant and raw play. it was very challenging emotionally for me, but I loved every moment of the rehearsal process and every performance. The play spoke to me on a personal level and I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to play that role.


What's a fun fact about yourself?

I am dying for summer to arrive so I can wear my Brazilian Bikinis, but I know I will get arrested if I do.


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