August 13, 2017


What is your name?




What character do you play in The Trojan Women?


I play Cassandra.


Reminisce about a time you were homesick or forced from your home.


When I moved into college in Baltimore my freshman year, I immediately struggled to find someone to talk to. As someone who has difficulty making friends, I felt removed from all the activity going on around me, as though I didn’t deserve join the fun everyone else was having. It took me until my sophomore year that I realized I needed to transfer.


What is the purpose of community and how does war disrupt this? 


Community is meant to look out of the well being of everyone involved, without establishing a hierarchy of its members. War divides people into winners and losers and makes those who lost suffer the consequences.


What is something about the show and your experience with the material that has surprised you?


When I was memorizing Cassandra’s lines, it surprised me how sensible everything she said was. It made me realize how quick people are to disregard those who behave outside of the norm even when they have something valuable to say.



Be sure to see Caroline in THE TROJAN WOMEN at The Luna Theater on August 17-19

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