August 13, 2017


What is your name?




What character do you play in The Trojan Women?




Reminisce about a time you were homesick or forced from your home.


I moved to Boston in 2010 away from my family who all live on the West Coast/Pacific NW. Though it was my choice, the adjustment was still very difficult. I very often thought of Seattle and the people I left there. At times, there was a physical ache I felt in my chest and stomach while missing home. Despite being in the Boston area for seven years now, I still miss home and go visit whenever I can. I plan to move back there after graduate school, and I don’t think I will stop missing it until I return. I am so lucky I have that option, while millions of refugees do not.


What is the purpose of community and how does war disrupt this? 


I think community grounds you to one place. It makes you feel safe and accepted. You know your place when you are part of a community - you don’t usually feel alone. However, a casualty in war is the sense of community and safety. Violence, death, and loss are all a part of the terror and tragedy of war. Communities usually do not survive a war unchanged.


What is something about the show and your experience with the material that has surprised you?


I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to understand the depth of emotion and grief the women go through when dealing with the loss of Troy. And I don’t think I could ever fully understand that experience, but through all the exercises and conversations we have had throughout rehearsals, I feel as though I am starting to comprehend the desperation and the stages of grief each character goes through. I feel honored to be a part of the community that has formed around this show.



Be sure to see Ginny in THE TROJAN WOMEN at The Luna Theater on August 17-19

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