August 11, 2017


What is your name?




What character do you play in The Trojan Women?


I portray the god of the sea, Poseidon.


Reminisce about a time you were homesick or forced from your home.


I grew up in Lowell but my family is Puerto Rican, so home has always been an idea I've struggled with. I'm really blessed to have lived in Puerto Rico for a few years and those memories I carry with me and want to share with my future family. 


What is the purpose of community and how does war disrupt this? 


Community is what happens when people get tired of war. Community builds what war has destroyed. This war looks different for everyone so then the community also looks different. But in community the main driving force is love. 


What is something about the show and your experience with the material that has surprised you?


I have always had a love for Greek Mythology and doing this show has reignited my passion. Being Poseidon has made me think about what having that level of power could be like.  



Be sure to see Febo in THE TROJAN WOMEN at The Luna Theater on August 17-19

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