Studio 506 is an ensemble of artists based out of Lowell, Massachusetts sharing stories in relevant and innovative ways.

We strive to bring the community together through shared experiences.

footage by Tory Wesnofske

Studio 506 Theater is an indie theatre company in Lowell, Massachusetts. 506 performs and works in both found spaces and designated performances spaces -- bring theatre to all parts of Lowell in order to increase access to the arts for all. They work in a variety of performance styles: readings and full productions of new works, singing cabarets, traveling Shakespeare classics, immersive musicals, and partaking in outdoor festivals. 


There are no bounds to what material 506 will examine. The company’s work is ensemble-based with a focus on both the macro and micro levels of community, resourcefulness in production value, intimacy with the audience, relationships between ourselves and others, & re-centering classic works on minority voices to reflect the truth of today’s world. 

Born in 2014 first as a way for college friends to create more theatre together while growing as artists, it has grown into a grassroots indie theatre company focused on development of new artistic expression within members of the community, as well as featuring professional artists within the area - both groups having a shared love of the Lowell community. 


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